A Showcase for art and artists

Rivierart seeks to promote art and artists. In this spirit, Rivierart offers professional artists an affordable showcase, promoting works by placing importance on the image, without notions of critique and providing visibility to a market comprised of lovers of art and culture.

Rivierart is published four times a year: in February, May, August and November.

For the enjoyment of lovers of art and culture

As opposed to traditional publications, Riverart privileges lovers of art and culture by making them the channels of distribution. This approach allows Rivierart to target its interested audience more effectively and to increase the promotional impact of publications in Rivierart. Publication in three languages (French, German, English) enables language barriers to be overcome. In addition to subscription and publication on the internet, the magazine is also available at cultural centres, art galleries, exhibitions, museums or festivals.

Benefit of a participative distribution

Rivierart is also the ideal partner for cultural or artistic events. In the case of a gallery opening or exhibition, Rivierart allows artists and advertisers published in the magazine the opportunity to distribute the magazine for free, therefore becoming fully involved in the distributive process. Artists and advertisers can offer a certain number of magazines to an audience selected by themselves. Participative distribution in this way strongly enhances the impact of Riverart, the magazine can be hand-delivered by artists and advertisers to an audience chosen by themselves in the art and culture family.

Would you like to know more?

For any additional information, the team at Riverart is delighted to be of assistance.

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